Connected volunteers give more

The affordable volunteer platform for community organizations.

Perfect for churches, non-profits, schools, boosters, teams and clubs.

Organization Volunteer Management

Use SimpleSignups for …

Organization Volunteer Management

Remove volunteer friction

Volunteers can instantly find and signup for opportunities that match their preferences.

Reclaim your day!

No back and forth or reply-all emails. Less email, more time back.

Organization Volunteer Management
Volunteer Toolbox

The perfect toolbox for team leads

All the tools that volunteer and event organizers need to recruit, schedule, email and report in one place.

Increase conversions

Retain new volunteers with a great first-time experience.

Identify new volunteer leaders.

Convert volunteers to donors.

Convert volunteers to donors
Don't lose volunteers'

Don't lose volunteers in the shuffle

It's embarrassing to have someone offers to help and are never be contact. We help ensure the connection is made.

Incredibly simple to create

Our signup builder makes it easy to create a beautiful signup on any device.

Easily share your signup

Just share a link. People click a link to signup. Works on mobile devices. No app to download.

Embed In Web Page

Render signups inside your website.

Simple Volunteer Experience

Make it extremely simple to sign up to volunteer or donate items. One click RSVP.

No Accounts. No Login.

Participants don't have to create an account or remember a password, and it's secure.

View responses

Know who's going, volunteering, and bringing what with simple views and email notifications. Print and export when needed.

Easy Communication

Send one message to reach everyone who signed up.

Increase Participation. Limit No-shows.

Participants automatically get a reminder.

Mimic your organization structure

Organize signups in separate sections and folders.


Some people need access to everything, others a few select things. You have control to open or restrict access.

Volunteer List

Each program has a unique volunteer list. Volunteers from every program are compiled in your master volunteer list.

Reach your volunteers

You can email people signed up for an event, people serving in a program, or your entire master volunteer list.

Duplicate a signup in seconds

  1. Select the signup to duplicate
  2. Map dates
  3. Done

What an impressive, visually appealing platform!

Features launching in the future.

Future feature

Actionable Reporting

Exactly what you need, spreadsheet ready. Report across your organization, program or signup.

Future feature

Connect To Your Apps

Automate sending data to 750 apps in a few clicks using Zapier. You can connect SimpleSignups to such apps as MailChimp, Google Sheets, Excel, Constant Contact.

Management Software Integration

Reduce redundant keying of information across systems. Automate data transmission to church or donor management software.

Future feature

Multi-Day/Bundle Layout

Pre-define how signup items are sorted. Volunteers can select items based on the days and times and they are available.

Future feature

Connect People to Opportunities

People can browse volunteer opportunities on your website and sign up for those that fit their interests and availability.

Paper Signup to Volunteer List

Paper signups are a great source for recruiting volunteers. One simple entry populates the program volunteer list, flags the volunteer as a new volunteer, and sends an email notification to the team lead.

Team Lead Email Notifications

Team leads receive an email notification anytime someone signs up for their program. Tracking and connection reminders ensure the connection.

Future feature

Collect Availability

With a few simple clicks, you can create, share, and collect availability information from a group people.

Manual or Auto Schedule

Manually assign people to the your schedule or sit back and let our system do the work. You always are in control and can make any assignment modifications.

Schedule Communication

People are notified when the schedule is published and can view the schedule online. Reminders are automatically sent to avoid no-shows.